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This is a tremendous, green-business opportunity with market growth projected to be $80 billion by 2023.


Global LED Lighting Market
$114B In 2020

LED lighting market to reach a compound annual growth rate of 45% between 2011-2016 and 15% between 2016-2020.


Increased Market Share

By 2020 largest growth markets in Architectural (88%), Hospitality (81%), Outdoor (74%) and Residential (73%).


LEDs Continue to Become
More Efficient

LEDs now exceed 275 lumen per watt (a measure of light output and efficiency).


Lower Prices Drive Adoption

LED lamp prices expected to drop to $5 per 1000 lumens by 2020.


Ban On Inefficient Lighting
Creates Growth

U.S. Government has already phased out most incandescent bulbs.


LED Lights Save Billions
In Energy Costs

Switching to LED lighting by 2020 could save $250B in energy costs and reduce electricity consumption for lighting by 50%.

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The goal for LED Source is to have a franchise location in every State of America and every Province in Canada.


However, some States have unique franchise licensing criteria. In those States we will be able to offer franchise opportunities once registration is approved.


LED Source is currently approved to sell Franchises in Canada and most U.S. States including some of the toughest – NY, CA and IL.


To find out whether your State is approved, contact us. Even if we are not yet approved, we can provide you with an updated schedule for registration in that State.


Current list of all our franchise locations.


Franchises Offered

Currently LED Source offers two separate franchise businesses – a Unit Franchise Program and an Area Development Program.


The LED Source Business Unit Franchise provides LED lighting solutions and products to commercial customers wanting to upgrade their traditional lighting to LED lighting. Franchisees are not required to have a lighting background.


Training in sales, products and business systems will be provided to aid in the ability to sell LED products and services. LED Source Business Unit Franchises will offer a complete LED product line to commercial clients ranging from restaurants and hotels to warehouses, schools, retail stores, multi-unit housing and virtually any business that uses lighting.


Business Unit Franchises may also, if approved, market and sell to residential customers.



We also offer an AG (Advanced Group) channel access, but only to prospects or existing franchisees with the qualifications to serve architects, architectural lighting designers or specifiers on complex lighting or pre-construction projects.


These clients may require additional expertise that comes through training and years of experience.


In addition, LED Source offers an Area Development Program that requires an additional financial investment and time commitments in order to develop and operate multiple LED Source business locations.


Through the Area Development Program we offer exclusive rights to own and operate multiple locations within a predefined geographic region.


At LED Source, we provide each of our franchisees with superior support in training, marketing and business development. Our level of LED knowledge, first-class customer support and supplier relationships is what separates us in the marketplace. We look forward to you further exploring our franchise opportunity and this explosive growth industry.


Networking Events

Every time you meet someone, you are networking. Attending a special event and participating in local Chamber of Commerce meetings is a great way to expand your networking opportunities.


Client Meetings

Meeting with your clients is a daily event. Conduct an on-site review of current lighting conditions and present a complete lighting solution showing the many benefits and savings with LED lighting.


Continual Training

Each year, leaders from our Corporate office and franchisees gather together for several days of intensive LED Source® training. Presentations from keynote speakers and LED Source® departments heads provide valuable information for our franchises and their staff. Round table discussions are held with franchise owners and corporate leaders to address individual recommendations and concerns. Top LED manufacturer representatives showcase their latest products through presentations and vendor booth exhibits. Off-site events allow for franchisee owners to network and discuss best practices.

Support System

For each franchisee, training is provided and supported through a variety of platforms.

Our in-depth training program provides between 40-50 hours of instructional classroom and practical onsite training. Once completed, we guide you through the first 90 days with supplemental sales training and proven strategies. Additionally, we provide training through LouMan University, our innovative iPad/iPhone self-paced learning program. On-going training is also provided through bi-weekly Webinars.


Innovative Technology

LED Source® is driven by technology and we integrate that innovation into our franchise processes. We harness the power of Cloud computing to create a comprehensive system that integrates into each franchisee’s business. LouMan U is an online training program for our franchisees that uses the Apple's iTunes University


Innovative sales process using the power of SalesForce CRM


Exclusive ROI Proposal generating tool


iPhone App to generate onsite energy audits


Marketing automation systems to capture leads and email marketing campaigns


Each franchisee has access to our in-house design and engineering teams. We are able to provide clients with expert LED lighting solutions to meet their project and design goals.


Project Management
Some LED lighting projects can be very large and somewhat daunting. We put our experience to work for our clients by managing the entire project from start to finish.


Product Development
Sometimes projects can create their own lighting challenges. Our vendor relationships make it possible to create a unique LED lighting product with project specific requirements.



Nothing out of pocket is our motto. LouMan Money®, our in-house 100% project financing program, is exclusively available to all franchisees. Monthly payments can be funded entirely from the energy savings.


Our strong relationships throughout the industry, vast product knowledge, manufacturing and customer support, has positioned us as the LED Lighting Experts™. LED Source® represents only leading LED manufacturers such as Digital Lumens, eFFINION, Lighting Science, Philips Color Kinetics, Philips Lighting and Toshiba LED Lighting.


LED Source offers a wide-range of LED lighting products from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Hubbell and Lighting Science.


LED Lamps

On average when compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lamps save 85% in energy and 40-50% when compared to fluorescent. LED lamps also last from 10-50 times longer than traditional light bulbs.



Typical high-wattage applications now offer an LED fixture alternative.


LED Fixtures

Traditional fixtures such as High Bay, LowBay, Troffers, Canopy, Roadway, Area and Site have an LED alternative. Many fixtures are rated for 100,000+ hours and can be used in harsh environments.



We are a full-service LED lighting solutions provider specializing in retrofit and new construction commercial applications.


LED Lighting Solutions

At LED Source, we don't just sell LED lights. We provide a wide range of services including support, design, project management, product development and project financing with LouMan Money®.



Traditional marketing methods no longer work. For LED Source®, marketing means inspiring people to create a conversation about our brand.


Our brand guides and aids us in how we are represented. It is the heart and soul in all we do and say. It is our symbol of excellence when dealing with vendors and customers. It is our promise that we will deliver only the best in service and solutions.


Social Media

We believe in the power of Social Media and the impact it can have on our business. No other method of marketing can create instant conversations and build a loyal fan following.


In fact you are probably here today from our marketing efforts on Social Media. We position ourselves in the marketplace as a leading authority on LED lighting. Our Social Media properties have thousands of followers. From over 100+ blog articles on LED lighting, to our 60+ videos on our YouTube channel, LED Source® is considered one of the industry’s most influential and socially engaging companies. We encourage you to get social with us today.



With over a billion people on Facebook, it cannot be ignored as a place for business. We setup and provide each of our franchisees with their own Facebook Business Page. We socially engage and post relative content on all our pages. You can also now follow us on Google+.


The Power of Twitter

In the world of Twitter, engagement and influence is key to positioning a brand as a credible source. With almost 4,000 followers and an engagement rating of 90% and an influence rating of 95%, LED Source® is leading the LED lighting social space.


LinkedIn Company Pages

If you don't have a professional profile on LinkedIn, you are missing key business networking opportunities. We provide and setup LinkedIn Company Pages for each of our franchise locations to further establish the brand and local credibility.


Marketing Materials

Our marketing department provides various marketing collateral to aid in promoting our brand on a national level and each local franchise. We produce eye-catching, professional, modern design brochures for print and mobile friendly devices.


We also produce swag and other promotional items that you can use to further promote LED Source® and your local franchise.


Case Studies

We believe in showcasing our projects through what we call 'Case Study Marketing.' Imagine the immediate credibility when you can present a case study to a potential client on how LED lighting could look in their business, as well as the related energy and cost savings. With 30+ case studies now available, let our projects speak for you.

"LED Source is a brand owned and

managed by LED Lite Holdings, LLC"

"LED Source is a brand owned and

managed by LED Lite Holdings, LLC"

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